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EVERYDAY ART- currently out of stock

Paintings Currently Available for Sale

EVERYDAY ART- currently out of stock

Mother and Child, Everyday Art.jpeg
Mother and Child, Everyday Art.jpeg

EVERYDAY ART- currently out of stock

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Almost everyday (business day) I post an artwork that is for sale that I likely did that day.  They are smaller pieces and sometimes studies, sometimes finished work, but all originals and this makes an amazing way to own original art at a very accessible price.

An awesome way to build (or begin) your art collection!

This was a practice I had to suspend for the summer while my three littles were home on summer vacation.  They produced a lot of art (I envy how prolific they are!! :) and while I loved the quality time with them - my art making?  Yeah, that had to wait until they were back in school!  

In other words, look for more "Everyday Art" from me very soon!  

Some works I'll post here but most often you can find them on Instagram - find and follow me @leahcb1 ! 



PS- (the mother and child painting shown here is an example of a past "Everyday Art" painting that I sold to a beautiful mama on the East Coast!)