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"Crouching Tiger" original, sold

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"Crouching Tiger" original, sold

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"Crouching Tiger" original, sold

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"Crouching Tiger"
Leah Campbell Badertscher, 2017
18x24, original, acrylic on paper.
sold (fine art prints of "Crouching Tiger" now available for order, see home page for listing)

Do you ever feel like you're misunderstood and often underestimated?


This painting is for you.

"Crouching Tiger" is a sister to the STARDUST SOUL original (which I have limited edition prints of but don't plan to sell the original) and is the painting I took to the Women's March with me.

There's a longer story behind the name and the painting (which I might yet share or might turn into a bunch more art and share that way), but for now, suffice it to say that a core message is, she is beautiful AND...Crouching Tiger. (See her stripes??). 

What other people understand or don't understand about her doesn't change who she is.

Don't weaken yourself by trying to explain yourself. 

Be what you want to be, be what you are, and how you want to be it.

With fierce love,