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STARTDUST SOUL, small, Limited Edition Print- sold out

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STARTDUST SOUL, small, Limited Edition Print- sold out

stardust soul 3.JPG
stardust soul 3.JPG
sold out

STARTDUST SOUL, small, Limited Edition Print- sold out

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Leah Campbell Badertscher, 2016
9x12, original was acrylic + charcoal on archival paper
Limited Edition Print on fine art paper, 250 + 2 Artist's Proofs
$100+ $10 S&H

This size of STARDUST SOUL is currently out of stock, but will deliver within two weeks of your order.


- r.m. broderick

This painting is the sister to my painting HEART OF GOLD.  I so loved how that painting turned out, the gesture, the movement, the colors, the meaning, and also how fun it was to create it.  And then, when I considered the first painting in the context of R.M. Broderick's wonderful poem, I realized that HEART OF GOLD needed a sister - a STARDUST SOUL companion! 

So, just like HEART OF GOLD, this painting is also inspired by and dedicated to the many beautiful, heart of gold & stardust soul women I've been blessed to know, those women who make the world a better place and who are always inspiring me to love more, give more, live more, shine more. 

Also, when I stepped back from this painting I though - "oh, yeah - I know you!  And so many like you!  A wild soul, wise woman, audaciously creative, poet- priestess, healer,  kind of woman..."

Maybe you know this kind of woman, too - the kind that leaves a trail of stardust in her wake?

And maybe you know this is you - who you really are - you'd just like to have a beautiful way to remind yourself every day of how you want to be in the world?

I wrote in my journal recently that I am looking to describe the Truth that I feel in a way that is naked, shining, and bright. I thought I was just thinking about writing at the time but, when I step back from it, it is something that I am looking for in my visual art as well. Something bare, essential, and that feels like LIFE and living.

Women, and, more broadly speaking, the feminine, are central muses in my art (visual and written). 

Any time I have the opportunity to do figure studies, portraits, it's really a practice and study of deep appreciation and love.  I find the mystical, earthy, beautiful, strong/soft, fierce/tender energies of women to be awe-inspiring.

This limited edition fine art print (giclee on fine art paper) would make a beautiful gift - for yourself or for the women in your life who inspire and bring light, beauty, kindness, love - and maybe even stardust -  to your world. 

250 + 2 Artist's Proofs means that there will only be 250 of these prints made ever,
and two Artist's Proofs when the full 250 have sold. 

There is a larger, original size of STARDUST SOUL and I am reserving the right to make stationary from STARDUST SOUL and to use it for books and promotional material in the future,
but no other fine art prints, poster prints, canvas, or reproductions will be made of STARDUST SOUL in this size . 

When these are gone, they are gone!

When you purchase a small STARDUST SOUL limited edition print, you will receive a gorgeous, fine art print, which will be individually signed and numbered by me on the front (e.g., 77/250 if you are the 77th person to purchase the print) and dated on the back.  You will also receive a certificate of authenticity certifying that this is a limited edition fine art print, also numbered, dated, and signed by me.  If you purchase more than one print, you will receive a separate certificate for each print.

And if you do buy STARDUST SOUL, I'd love to get to know where she makes her home!  It is always wonderful to receive emails from you and to see your posts on social media of my art making its home in your homes, so thank you for sharing!  If you do use social media, you can use the hashtag #stardustsoulpainting and #leahcbartstardustsoul to find other stardust soul sisters!

Finally, for those of you wanted to do shopping/gifting that gives twice, I want you to know that I am pledging 10% of all profits to charity.  It's my commitment to making #artforgoodnesssake !

With love & gratitude, gold hearts & stardust,