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Victory (ii) (sold)

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Victory (ii) (sold)

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Victory (ii) (sold)



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"Victory, (ii)" 6"x6"
Leah Campbell Badertscher, 2017
Acrylic, ink, multimedia and resin on cradle board (1.5" depth), $350 + S&H.

"Whenever you face anything and you don't know the answer, just call yourself inside and say, 'Victory.' Make it a guide word, make it a precious word...Don't ask questions. Don't try to solve problems. Just utter the word 'Victory.' ... Try it. You'll find the strength of a hundred angels behind you." -Yogi Bhajan

This one has been a couple years in the making.  It started with a recurring dream I had, and then just this past Janurary, I got it out again to add some detail.  I thought I'd call it done, but then I was so inspired by the quote above and I realized what it was made for!

I cut out a variety of tiny wings from cardboard until I had just the size and shape I wanted.  I wrote "victory" onto these wings for an extra dose of that energy and blessing!  Then I added layers of paint to give them more substance and make sure they were sturdy enough to hold their shape and retain that "in flight" position that I'd hoped to achieve - so it looks like they are poised, fluttering and hovering just above the board.  Finally, I carefully placed the tiny raised, painted wings in the upper left, inscribed the word "victory" in the lower right, and then finished it with a coat of high gloss resin that makes everything pop!  With the depth of the cradled board (an inch), the colors of the piece, and the way the glass-like finish makes everything pop, the final product strikes me as very jewel-like!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how it turned out!  It's like little prayer/mantra panel (like an amulet, maybe? I'm looking for a better word, wordsmithy friends?!) and although it is tiny, it has plenty of mighty good energy!

I also love the "Victory" prayer practice.  I know I for one could use the strength of 100 angels these days, and I don't think I'm alone, so I may just make a hundred of these, all unique and powerful in their own ways. 

Since I first came across this quote a few months ago, it has been inspiring me in so many ways - not the least of which is my art!  If you've been following me for awhile, you know how much I believe that the energy with which we create things is the energy that we put into what we are making and that energy is then shared with the people and places who receive our work.

I care deeply about inspiring and empowering people to awaken their true selves, their innate creative genius, and live their lives as the powerful, creative artists that we all are.  Whether you consider yourself an "artist" in the traditional sense or not, we all have within us everything we need to create lives in which we are awake, fully alive, strong, joyful, experiencing and contributing all that we came to do and be in this world.  It is very much my intention that these "victory" pieces support that process so that whoever receives them does, in fact, feel the strength of 100 angels as a wind at their back, and that every time they see this piece, they are reminded of the very real presence of extraordinary support.

This is the second "Victory" piece of three I've made so far this year.  This first one has sold already and the third is a larger piece, mixed media painting on canvas entitled, "A Boat in a Storm (victory iii)."  (That was is also continuing another theme -"... in a Storm" - see the sold painting, "Roses in a Storm.").

I know whoever snatches up this gem will love it as much I as do!