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"Woman in Yellow"

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"Woman in Yellow"


"Woman in Yellow"

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"Woman in Yellow"
Leah Campbell Badertscher, 2017
18 x 24, India ink and charcoal on art paper
$300 +$15 S&H

I wrote in my journal recently that I am looking to describe the Truth that I feel in a way that is naked, shining, and bright. I thought I was just thinking about writing at the time but, when I step back from it, it is something that I am looking for in my visual art as well. Something bare, essential, and that feels like LIFE and living.

This is the second in a series of multi-media works on paper I've been creating in a journey to acheive that that are entitled, "Woman in [Color]."

In this piece, the figure is particularly strong and there is a gentleness to her as well.  The yellow, for me, also represents light and a particular quality of spirit, like the sun.  A color that represents enlightenment, an energy that gives warm and light, as does sunlight, and that we all know as a source that is cosmically, fiercely powerful - and gives life to our planet.

I often hear women talk about being torn between expectations (from themselves and others) that they be "strong" and "soft."  The resolution to this conflict is not to decide between the two - it's to allow yourself to be more whole because our natural state, like the sun, is to embody both.  That's something I hope this particular piece conveys. 

Women, and, more broadly speaking, the feminine, are central muses in my art (visual and written).  In a piece like this, I wanted to keep the elements few (one color ink, the soft gray of the charcoal, the simple outline of the body, the simplicity of painting on art paper) to highlight the beauty of form and gesture. 

As women, we often feel we have so much we have to do to ourselves, and heap layers and layers protective what-not on who we are (degrees, family obligations, possessions, achievements).  But one of the reasons I love doing figure studies or portraits so much is because, to me, the bare, essential human being is breathtaking, profound, powerfully moving.  

Any time I have the opportunity to do figure studies, portraits, it's really a practice and study of deep appreciation and love.  I find the mystical, earthy, beautiful, strong/soft, fierce/tender energies of women to be awe-inspiring. 

These pieces are also very much inspired by the nudes done by the likes of Matisse and Picasso that I had the opportunity to soak up during our months in Europe last year.  I love the simplicity of those forms and added my own interpretation through color and also the way I experience a form and respond with a line.  But unlike many of the drawings I saw in Europe, which often had titles like "nude" or "nude reclining on coach" or "nude + something or other," I have intentionally titled the pieces "Woman" and not "nude." 

Another aspect of these pieces is the relationship of the ink and paint with the paper.  The ink and paint add an undulating texture, makes the paper shiny in places, and the thin layers build up quietly to lend a subtle thickness that gives more substance and interest to the piece without detracting from its elegant simplicity and main subject - the woman. 

These pieces would be stunning as a single piece, though also would be beautiful showcased together. 

They are ready to ship and for you to frame as you choose.  Another option is that I can adhere and mount them to board with a cradling, which would create add a gorgeous sculptural effect to the piece.  (This would be an additional $150 charge + additional shipping (likely $50).)  If you are interested in this option, please add that note in the space provided when you purchase the piece and I can invoice you separately for that.)

The simplicity of these gorgeous works on paper and attractive price point makes them an excellent choice for the art-collecting veteran or someone new to the art world who wants to add the beauty and energy of original art to their home or work environment.  

With love,