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Studio Notes

The Power of a Peace

Leah Badertscher

SHE RISING   Leah Campbell Badertscher, 2014 All Rights Reserved $10,000

Leah Campbell Badertscher, 2014
All Rights Reserved

If you are a long time lover of the arts, it'd be preaching to the choir for me to tell you that certain pieces of art have special power.

But maybe you're new to art, or to my art, and you're not quite sure why you're drawn to what you're drawn to...but you're noticing more and more that you are.

Trust that instinct.  It is as real as anything could ever be. The power of art is as real as anything ever could be.  

For instance, take the painting above, SHE RISING.  

There is something so special about this piece, so powerful.  I've tried wrapping words around it but, of course, I can't (that's why it had to be painted).  

But today I was looking at this particular piece and wondering, "What IS it about you?  What makes you SO powerful??"

Then I went for a run.  I was still thinking about this painting, SHE RISING, and it was on my second lap around the lake when I heard her answer:

"My power is in my peace."