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Studio Notes

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The Lotus and The Rose

Leah Badertscher

Leah Campbell Badertscher, All Rights Reserved

I believe that the energy with which something is created (paintings, in my case), is the energy that flows through to the beholder or recipient of that creation. 

Part of the energy in this painting had very much to do with the process of spiritual growth and evolution.  A necessary part of this journey is to have a vision and then to trust that vision and then GO FOR IT.  Sometimes that journey seems linear, but at other times, when we are able to release the limits in our minds and allow ourselves not to be defined by our limits, but by the essence of our souls, by our limitless, that journey is less like a ladder or step-by-step and can feel more like leaps - or like you've discovered you've had wings all along.

Some of the messages that came to me while creating this piece (and which are still visible in the final layer) are:

You are not your limits.



Move beyond your limits.

If you have a vision in your heart but are currently feeling weighed down or like your dreams have even become the burden - consider that you are focusing too much on your limitations and mistaking them for who you really are. 

A couple other things I like to remind myself of during challenging times like this are that,

"If I can dream it, I can achieve - TINOGONA!" (Thank you to my remarkably inspiring friend, Dr. Tererai Trent, for this one!)


-again - Have a vision, go for it, and then....

"Do not take no for an answer from anyone - especially yourself!"



P.S. This original has already sold but if it speaks to you and you'd like an infusion of it's soaring, transformatively inspiring energy, please check out my Society6 Shop at