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Leah Badertscher

Leah Campbell Badertscher, All Rights Reserved

"God cannot do for us what we do not allow Him to do through us." 
-Marianne Williamson, from a live event she did in London, Spring 2016

I have been thinking about this ever since attending a talk  Marianne Williamson gave in London a couple weeks ago.  These words (and other wisdom she shared) gave me a lot to think about.  It also reminded me of this painting, which was the first I did (has it been 4-5 years ago already?!) where I felt like I really began to allow to let flow something I'd been longing for, and sensing within myself, for so, so long.  

You'll see words in it like "unfold," "attend," "flow," "trust," "your voice matters," "your story matters,"  and "Believe."  All words that I needed to heal and free myself and all representing the very real healing, liberating, creative, loving energies that I experienced when creating this painting and that I know flowed into it.  

I'm at a stage where I'm asking and feeling for what's next for my art - and the world- so it was a perfect time to hear these words and consider what I need to open up and allow to be done through me.

I wanted to share in case they are the words you've been needing to hear as well.  



P.S. THANK YOU and BIG HUGS to those of you who have purchased reproductions of STAINED GLASS MAGNOLIAS and my other paintings through my Society6 shop and then sent pictures or tagged me in photos of where my artwork - now YOUR artwork- lives in your home, your office, your life!  I so LOVE that!  And for those of you who feel called by this piece or touched by another, I do currently offer high-quality reproductions through this site: